Sarah Holliday has a distinguished reputation as a painter 
and is a Fellow of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS).

Sarah’s most-loved medium is watercolour combined with gouache, each layered over the other, creating a richness and depth not always associated with watercolours. She has worked like this for most of her painting career, using it to paint her response to cityscapes, still-life and portraits, depending on her location at the time. Sarah has been Expedition Artist for Raleigh International in the jungle of Borneo, as well as completing important commissions in the jungle of London! She has work in collections such as the General Medical Council, the Inner Temple, BP Amoco and the Crown Estates.

At the start of the new decade (2020), she has embarked on an enormous project of documenting individuals through painted portraits and interviews over a period of ten years.  This project is called “When is Now?” Already the decade is more turbulent than could possibly have been imagined. How will it be to look back on all of this in 2030?

Sarah has also developed, and made her own, a completely individual way of printing onto glass. These works explore the human spirit and its response to the world.

Please feel free to browse Sarah’s artwork and find out more on her site.

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