January 2022 – June 2022

Portraits : January 2022 – June 2022

29/6/22 Finland & Sweden apply to join NATO.
28/6/22 Severodonetsk falls to Russians. Supermarket in Kremenchuk hit. Blatant civilian target.
24/6/22 US Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade.
23/6/22 Massive earthquake in Afghanistan with +1000 dead. How to get aid in with the Taliban in charge?
16/6/22 Lord Geidt, BJ’s ethics advisor, resigns.
15/6/22 First flight for Rwanda with 7 people on board is cancelled. Head of UN Refugee agency – “Catastrophic Precedent”.
6/6/22 BJ survives (just) a vote of no confidence 211 to 148.
4/6/22 Kyiv hit by rockets – first time since April.
31/5/22 EU 90% voted to stop all imports of Russian oil/gas. Only Hungary could not commit.
26/5/22 Rishi Sunak imposes 25% profits levy on oil companies, + £400 support for every household this winter.
25/5/22 19+ children, 3 adults shot in Texas school. Trump says to “arm the teachers”.
23/5/22 World Economic Forum at Davos – a “Confluence of Calamities” in the world economy.
20/5/22 Sri Lanka default on international loans. Desperate situation.
19/5/22 Inflation 9% – highest for 40 yrs. Plea to Putin to release some grain to feed the world.
17/5/22 Bank of England warning of “apocalyptic” problems with the cost of food globally, with no Ukrainian grain or oil.
16/5/22 Northern Ireland Protocol mess. Not working as it stands, but changing it would break international laws.
14/5/22 First 50 migrants being informed about deportation to Rwanda.
11/5/22 US House of Representatives pledges $40bn to Ukraine for defence and aid.
8/5/22 Local Election results. Tories lose lots of seats. Sinn Fein win majority in N.Ireland.
4/5/22 All out assault on Azovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol, where civilians and soldiers are sheltering.
30/4/22 Suicide bomb kills 50+ in Kabul Sufi mosque. Almost unreported!
27/4/22 Putin threatens to cut off gas supplies to Poland & Bulgaria.
24/4/22 Macron re-elected as President in France, beating Marine LePen.
17/4/22 Mariupol on its knees. Putin asking for capitulation, but the answer is NO. Russia begins attack on Donbas region.

“E.E.” 15 April 2022. “E.E.” is a most inspiring young woman. While studying at university, she is also a volunteer with Project Play France. She works with the refugee children in Calais/Dunkirk in the summer, as well as Head of Events back home in between her studies. An amazing charity encouraging children to play, and laugh, and do the things children need to do. Not an easy thing when they’re living in tents in N. France, having lost everything.

E.E.“E.E.” 15/04/22

14/4/22 Russian warship “Moskva” sinks in the black sea. Priti Patel launches plan to send migrants to Rwanda.
12/4/22 BJ, Carrie Johnson and Rishi Sunak all fined for breaking Lockdown laws.
8/4/22 Dover in crisis due to lack of P&O ferries. M20 closed.
3/4/22 Bucha restored to Ukrainians – desperate aftermath of brutality & war crimes.
2/4/22 Slow withdrawal from Kyiv to regroup in the south-east.
              Major unrest in Sri Lanka due to poverty & corruption.
30/3/22 28,300 visa applications under ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme. Only 2,700 issued.
23/3/22 Afghan girls turned away from first day back at school. Biggest drop in UK living standards since records began.
20/3/22 Reports of some Mariupol residents being forcibly resettled in Russia.
18/3/22 P&O sacked all 800 staff with immediate effect, replaced with cheap labour.
17/3/22 Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe & Anoosheh Ashoori released from Iran after 6 yrs detention.
15/3/22 Kyiv being bombarded but still not encircled. 3m people fled Ukraine.
14/3/22 Marina Ovsyannikova (Russian journalist) protests with a poster behind the newsreader.
13/3/22 ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme being set up in UK. Energy prices rocketing.
10/3/22 Russian airstrike hits maternity & children’s hospital in Mariupol.
8/3/22 Volodomir Zalenski addresses Houses of Parliament in historic session via screens.

“C.” 07 March 2022. “C” longs for the security of a home and maybe a job. She is a regular client at Catching Lives, a Canterbury-based day centre for the homeless, and enjoys the support and friendship she finds there.

C.“C.” 07/03/22

6/3/22 Macron tries to set up ceasefire, to no effect.
5/3/22 Ceasefires in Mariupol & Volnovakha for civilians to escape didn’t hold.
4/3/22 Biggest nuclear power station in Europe targeted by Russians setting adjacent building on fire.
              Pres. Zalensky pleading for imposition of ‘no-fly zone’. UN says ‘no’.

“E.H.” 02 March 2022. “E.H.” is the inspiration and drive behind a growing campaign to redress the imbalance in the housing rental market in N. Devon. Where do local people live if everything is being let out as holiday lets? It’s a national problem which E.H. is taking on with a fierce determination.

E.H.“E.H.” 02/03/22

2/3/33 Over 1 million Ukrainians have left the country.
29/2/22 40+ mile long convoy of Russian troops heading to Kyiv. Overnight shelling in Kharkiv.
28/2/22 Pres. Zelensky “next 24hrs critical”. Belarus getting involved. Russian nuclear weapons ‘on high alert’.
              Ruble crashes to all-time low.
27/2/22 Worldwide support for Ukraine. Civilians staying underground. Russian banks cut off from Swift banking facility.
25/2/22 Predictions that Russia will take Kyiv by the end of the day. Ukraine citizens setting up Molotov cocktails.
              Huge movement of population to west & Poland.
24/2/22 PUTIN INVADES UKRAINE. Troops landing and explosions heard in military bases. Ukraine “home to neoNazis”.
              UN Sec.General asks Putin to “Stop in the name of humanity”.
22/2/22 Putin sends ‘peacekeeping’ troops into ‘independent states’ of Donetsk & Luhansk.
16/2/22 Prince Andrew totally shamed. Paid undisclosed out-of-court settlement to Virginia Guiffre.
14/2/22 14,000 Russian troops massed on Ukraine border.
12/2/22 UK and US nationals advised to leave Ukraine.
11/2/22 Dame Cressida Dick fired by Sajid Javid (London Mayor).
              Liz Truss meets Russian Foreign Sec. “Like a deaf person meeting with a dumb person”.
8/2/22 BP & Shell make enormous profits (BP over £3bn in 1st quarter), while households face food & fuel crises.
5/2/22 Online Safety Bill passed to fine Social Media companies for content that damages society.
              Xi Jinping and Putin meet at Beijing Olympics and pledge close relationships.
3/2/22 Energy price cap hiked by 54%. Beijing Winter Olympics start. All artificial snow and lots of trees cut down.
1/2/22 Met being investigated for misogyny, racism, violence.
31/1/22 Two years since Brexit!
21/1/22 Much concern over Russia’s intentions on Ukraine. Statements from all Western leaders.
19/1/22 ONS – Cost of living highest for 30 years. Inflation up to 5.3%.
              BJ “Nobody told me it was against the rules” re. party at no.10 during lockdown.
11/1/22 UN warns of devastating situation in Afghanistan. No food, no heat, no foreign aid.
7/1/22 Kazakhstan facing huge unrest due to soaring inflation and corruption. Soviet forces called in to quell unrest.
6/1/22 Novak Djokovic sent back from Australian Open – he has no vaccine documentation.
4/1/22 Apple worth more than $3trillion.

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